Easy Sugar-Free Recipes: Delicious Cakes for Diabetics

Being diagnosed as diabetic can be stressful, especially if you have a sweet tooth! As well as worrying about the state of your health, you might also find yourself concerned about a future without sweets and cakes.

Cutting refined sugars out of your diet is an incredibly healthy thing to do. However, it can leave us with cravings for those beloved cakes and cookies. A few shops do stock diabetic-friendly ready-made foods, but the dessert ranges are less than inspiring, and they don’t always taste very good. Plus, they are usually really expensive.

Packed full of 39 diabetic cake recipes, from carrot cake to cupcakes, and from applesauce cake to poppyseed muffins, the Diabetic Cake Recipes eBook has anything and everything you could want.

Some of the recipes are entirely sugar-free, others have reduced sugar and use sugar substitutes. The results are all incredibly delicious, sometimes surprisingly so! The Diabetic Cake Recipes eBook is packaged and decorated in an adorable 1950s retro theme. And when you buy the Diabetic Cake Recipes eBook, you also get an extra TWO eBooks absolutely free: Diabetic Cookie Recipes, and Diabetic Dessert Recipes!

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With these three books you will never be short of tempting sweet treats, each with a full list of ingredients, and clear instructions for how to cook them. The recipes range from very easy to more complicated, so are suitable for seasoned bakers and those who have very little cooking experience. There are treats to suit every taste and craving!

I have worked so hard on this book because I am surrounded by people whose food choices are limited. For years I have adapted recipes to suit gluten-free friends and a niece with an egg-allergy, so when my Grandmother became diabetic and faced losing her defining glory (she is the best baker in the world, I swear!), I knew I had to act.

“I worked until the recipes were perfect…”

I started collecting and adapting cake recipes, and testing others’ recipes out and working out how much of one ingredient to swap with another, until the recipes were perfect. I was motivated by love, and to save others the time and energy involved in doing the same, if they found themselves in a similar situation. This way, you don’t need to hunt down every recipe and work out how much of a sugar alternative corresponds to how much caster sugar!

Even when I was making it I knew I was going to have to find a way to share it. If it can help one other sweet-toothed diabetic find a healthy way to indulge themselves, then I’d be happy.

By the way, whatever you do, don’t reserve these cakes, cookies and desserts just for the diabetics! I get so many compliments on these bakes from friends, it would seem cruel to leave them out by cooking them a ‘normal’ cake nowadays!

If you read Diabetic Cake Recipes and don’t want to keep it, or the two free ebooks, contact me within 30 days and I will offer a full refund, with no stress or hassle. I sell the eBook through a very reputable website called e-junkie which is in charge of dealing with the payment, and will deliver your product to you within a few minutes of checkout being complete. They are very reliable and used by many, many merchants.

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